Tips For Removing Pet Hair From Upholstery

Tips For Removing Pet Hair From Upholstery

Are you tired of having dog hair or cat hair all over your sofa, curtains and even your clothes? Things can get worse during the shedding season when there is excessive shedding and can be increasingly difficult to control. If you have been trying to keep your home clean and fur-free, but to no success, here are some few tips to make it a lot easier. Here are some tips for removing pet hair from furniture and other fabrics.

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Try Dryer Sheets to Remove Hair

Dryer sheets are great at removing pet hair from your furniture, floor, and even your clothes. They can help you get rid of the pet hair from all around the house. If you think the dryer sheet is not working, you can slightly dampen the dryer sheet.

Pick Pet Friendly Fabrics 

There are some fabrics that will gather much more dog hair than other fabrics. It is best to avoid fabrics such as loose knit, corduroy, velvet and others that will attract hair and cause them to settle. Other natural fibers such as wool, cotton also attract a good amount of fur. It is best to pick upholstery such as satin, leather or other shiny material that are easier to remove hair from them.

Use Vacuum Cleaner with Upholstery Attachment 

If you use your vacuum on upholstery for a long time and still feel that there is a ton of dog hair in the carpet, you need to check your vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you are using the latest model of vacuum cleaner that comes with special attachment for pet fur, or can clean effectively out of the box. To make the vacuum cleaner more effective, you can use liquid fabric softener. Mix the liquid fabric softener with a little amount of water in a spray bottle and shake it. Spray it all over the surface and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then, use your vacuum to get rid of the hair that has risen to the surface. 

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Use Rubber Gloves on Upholstered Furniture 

One of the most effective ways of cleaning pet hair is to get the hair off furniture by using rubber gloves. Dampen the gloves with water and brush it over the fabric. It will create static, and you will see the pet hair coming off easily from the surface of the fabric. Once you are done, put them in hot water and watch the hair come off the gloves. 

Use Lint Rollers or Tapes 

Another way to get rid of pet hair from fabrics or clothing is to use lint rollers. If you are running low on them, you can use tapes for an emergency. Keep the sticky side of the tape upwards and then brush down the surface to get rid of the pet hair.

Use A Humidifier 

Humidifiers are not just great for winters, but they can prevent hair from sitting on surfaces. Make sure you are using a top quality humidifier and maintaining it regularly. Check out different reviews to help you pick the right one.

Apart from the above tips, make sure that you brush your pet regularly to reduce shedding. You will not only be able to enjoy your time with your pet but will help keep your home pet hair free!

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