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Meet The Owner

Hi guys! My name is Vanessa Kaye. I stared Modern Living 101 because I have a passion for technology and how it integrates into a home. I'm a business finance major who stumbled into web design in my late teens and fell in love. This website is a merge of all of my passions, and I love it. 

- Vanessa Kaye

My mission with Modern Living 101 is to educate my readers. I want to help them find the best possible products to upgrade their home without spending a fortune. There's a lot of bad information out there, my goal is fight that with in-depth research and sharing the background knowledge I have about creating a smart home.

Running Modern Living 101 takes a lot of time. In fact, it's almost a full time job for me. Between writing all the content, designing the website and finding and reviewing new products, my personal investment into this site is huge.

Modern Living 101 is my business, and I love it. In order to pay for expeneses, most of our produt review links are affiliate links. These special links help me earn a commission when I recommend a product you may like. Using these links doesn't cost you anything. You pay exactly what you would pay if you didn't click the link. 

I put forth my best effort to keep my reviews as unbiased as possible. Some of my reviews are based off of real world tests, others are based off of in-depth research. Some times I buy the products myself, other times manufacturers will send us free samples. 

Nobody can pay us to be featured on Modern Living 101. I will never endorse a product I do not believe in. Every review comes with a pros and cons section to accurately show what's good and bad about that product.

At its core, we are supported by our readers, so we will always put you guys first. 

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