About Modern Living 101

Hey guys!

My name is Julie Adams (and that beauty I'm holding in my photo is my pup Banana). I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Modernliving101. I got my start as a business finance student and UCF in Orlando, FL. Half way through my degree, I dropped out of school. It wasn't for me.

I picked up a job at an online marketing company at age 18 to pay rent, and for the most part, I loved it. Through working there, I learned the ins and outs of website design and became absolutely obsessed.

Fast forward a few years and I have found my passion in testing and reviewing products and creating online reviews to help people sift through BS marketing tactics and find products that truly are the best.

Our mission at Modern Living 101 is simple. Our goal is to publish the best, most useful, interesting, and beautiful reviews to help walk our readers through the purchasing process and ultimately choose the best products for them.

Operating Modern Living 101 is not free. Running a website can be very time consuming and expensive. On top of the cost of content, images, server space, and purchasing products to review, the time investment is huge.

Modern Living 101 is my business, and I love it. In order to pay for the expenses, Modern Living 101 uses referral and affiliate links. When you follow one of our links to purchase a product, we then get a percentage of the sale. Using these links does not cost you anything additional. The links simply generate us commission for bringing that company a buyer. You pay the same amount for a product whether you use our links, or navigate to the website to purchase a product yourself.

We put forth our best effort to keep our reviews as unbiased as possible. Some of our reviews are based off of real world tests, others are based off of in-depth research. Some times we buy the products ourselves, other times manufacturers will send us free samples. 

Nobody can pay us to be featured on Modern Living 101. We will never endorse a product we do not believe in. We do not accept paid write-ups. We do not accept bribes to review a product in a positive light. Even products we get for free are reviewed with pros and cons to give you an unbiased source of information.

At its core, we are supported by our readers, so we will always put you guys first. 

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