Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum Review (Crosswave Pet Pro)

Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Say goodbye to mopping and vacuuming your floors with separate tools, the Bissell Wet Dry Vac is here! This versatile machine offers a great cleaning solution that combines both functions in one device. In this post, we will cover all you need to know about these powerful appliances, from understanding their key features & popular models to setup and use for maximum efficiency when it comes to achieving excellent results. You don’t want to miss out on the easy-to-use wet dry vacuum cleaners as they provide outstanding performance every single time!

Key Features

Bissell Wet Dry Vacuums offer revolutionary features that put them a cut above standard cleaning products. One of these technologies is the two tank system, with separate compartments for fresh and dirty water – thus ensuring one only uses clean solution on their floor instead of spreading around unclean liquid. This contributes to the high quality results delivered by Bissell vacs.

They boast multi-surface brushes tailored to suit various surfaces while being gentle on delicate materials. What's more, Bissel Wet Dry Vacuums come with adjustable settings giving users full control over how much detergent is used each time. This offers optimal wet dry performance regardless of surface type or dirtiness levels.

The Bissell CrossWave Wet Dry Vacuum

Bissell offers different models for their multi surface wet dry vacuums, suitable for various types of cleaning needs and preferences. The most popular model, CrossWave Pet Pro, has been tested for effectiveness in dealing with dirt on hard surfaces as well as area rugs. This makes it a great choice when faced with pet hair or other messes like mud, honey or soda spills.

Pros and Cons of the Bissell Wet/Dry Vacuum


  • Easily clears small and large debris
  • Does an excellent task of cleaning pet hair on both low-pile and high-pile carpets
  • Fairly long power cord
  • Great water-clearing performance 


  • Can't adjust floorhead height or suction power

Overall Thoughts

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro boasts features like a unique brush roll specifically designed to pick up pet hair as well as an efficient multi-surface solution for tackling stubborn messes created by furry friends. This vacuum also has washable filters and 0.4 L dirty water tank capacity. So, you can easily keep it clean without worrying about clogging or overflow issues when picking up larger debris from wet surfaces such as floors or carpets.

Thanks to its powerful suction capability coupled with an advanced multi-surface cleaning solution system, you're sure of getting excellent results every time you use your Crosswave Floor Cleaner from Bissell. This feature saves users lots of time because all they need is one tool instead of two separate ones!

This 2in1 device covers a variety of different materials, including laminates and wood planks. So, everyone’s home needs will find the perfect answer within these devices’ features, delivering spotless polished output after each use both inside your house and outdoors if needed.

All these amazing functions come with warranty coverage ensuring long lasting peace of mind while enjoying the convenience brought by your CrossWave Bissel Wet Dry Vac Cleaner!

How to Use Your Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum

Once you’ve selected the ideal Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum model for your needs, it's vital to understand how to use it and toggle between vacuuming and mopping functions in order to acquire better results while cleaning. In this section, we'll guide you through these steps so that utilizing your new appliance can be done with ease and confidence. We want everyone using a Bissell wet dry vacuum cleaner product to enjoy excellent performance every time they clean!

Setting Up

Setting up your Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum is a straightforward task. Assembling the appliance should be done in accordance with what is stated in the guidebook. Fill the clean water tank with a prescribed amount of liquid and cleaning solution as per Bissel guidance for best results when vacuuming tile floors using its wet dry technology. Securely seat the filled clean water container on top of your machine before plugging into the power outlet- now you are ready to start tidying those tiles!

Vacuuming and Mopping

When using your wet dry vacuum for vacuuming and mopping, it is essential to select the right mode of cleaning depending on the surface. Choose hard floor when dealing with hard floors, while switching to rug mode in case of area rugs. During this procedure, press down on the trigger handle so as to release cleaning solution onto the brush roll. To achieve best results one should glide their wet dry vacuum slowly over the surface enabling effective removal of dirt and debris while leaving a sleek look behind them.

Switching Between Modes

Using the Bissel Wet Dry Vacuum is simple when you need to switch between hard floor and rug modes. Just press the button on its handle for an effortless transition while vacuuming your home, which guarantees maximum efficiency as it adapts to different surfaces!

Maintenance and Care

It is essential to take proper maintenance and care of your Bissell Wet Dry Vac if you want it to continue to provide exceptional results. Here, we shall give some detailed instructions on how best to clean the tanks, filters, maintain the brush roll as well as store this device in a way that increases its longevity.

Note that cleaning out the tank and filter regularly combined with brushing off dirt from the roller are great practices for improving cleaning outcomes while also helping lengthen usage life span. By following these simple tips, one can be sure that their wet dry vacuum will remain an effective tool for many years to come!

Cleaning Tanks and Filters

It’s essential to regularly empty and rinse the clean and dirty water tanks, as well as the filters of your Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum, after each use. This will ensure it maintains powerful cleaning performance while preventing any build-up of dirt or debris in the device. To do this correctly, remove all pieces from the machine then wash them off with warm water until they are completely free from dirt particles. Give them about 24 hours to air dry completely before reassembling them back together. By keeping these parts cleaned regularly, you can be sure that your wet dry vacuum will deliver optimal results without having a nasty experience with a dirty tank situation!

Brush Roll Maintenance

It’s necessary to keep the brush roll of your Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum in perfect working order, as it plays a major role when cleaning. To preserve its condition, take it out and rinse it under warm water frequently. Doing this will remove any dirt or debris that has built up over time. Check for signs of wear or damage regularly, and if needed, replace the brush roll accordingly for optimal results during each clean with the wet dry vac.

Storage Tips

When it comes to keeping your Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum, a cool and dry location such as the closet or garage is suggested in order to prevent any damage from occurring. Securely wrap up the power cord around its handle using either a twist tie or piece of string so that things stay organized. By doing this correctly, you’ll be able to increase your appliance’s lifespan while making sure that everything remains working properly for future use.

Accessories and Cleaning Solutions

The Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum has several accessories and cleaning solutions that can help to optimize its performance as well as meet various cleaning requirements. These include specific brush rolls for different floor types, a variety of cleaners designed to tackle diverse needs, along with other items that bolster the functionality of the wet dry vacuum.

In this section we will review these features in more depth so you can make full use of your wet dry vacuum device effectively.

Brush Rolls

When using your Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum, it is important to ensure that the brush roll being used is suitable for the type of floor and cleaning job. There are several varieties available. Such as a multi-surface brush roll which works on hard surfaces and rugs, an exclusively designed pet hair picker meant for tough messes left by animals, or a specific roller specifically made to clean and polish hardwood floors without causing any harm. Checking these brushes regularly will guarantee optimal performance from your vacuuming machine when tackling all types of projects.

For best results with carpets or other textiles like area rugs, you may need separate tools so make sure you have those too! With appropriate care in selecting what kind of tool should be deployed in certain situations according to different surface requirements, one can always expect excellent results from their faithful Bissell wet dry vacuum cleaner unit.

Cleaning Solutions

Bissell provides a range of cleaning solutions for floor types and related requirements, such as rubber mats and sealed wood. These products are crafted to clean hardwood floors, carpets, and pet messes successfully. To Bissel-branded cleaners, there is also an option of using white vinegar as a natural cleaner too.

To achieve top notch results with your Wet Dry Vacuum it’s key that you use the precise amount of solution assigned specifically for each job. Over or under saturation could affect performance levels adversely. By following the instructions provided by Bissell in conjunction with employing suitable disinfectant, you can be sure the result will always meet your expectations!

Finally, when applied correctly on wooden surfaces, this remarkable vacuum offers incredible end results along with unbeatable deep cleans even within tight areas making it ideal for any task necessary!

Additional Accessories

Owners of a Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum can customize and enhance its performance with additional accessories, such as replacement filters for optimal performance, cleaning trays to keep the brush roll in good condition, and extension hoses that allow you to access hard-to-reach areas. Investing in these extras will ensure your vacuum consistently delivers superior results each time.

Aside from buying new brushes and vacuum solutions, there are also other items available specifically designed for this type of wet dry device which help make your experience much more efficient. The most important component is changing out the filter regularly so they stay working at their best while using helpful tools like decanters or longer hoses makes jobs quicker too!

Comparing Bissell Wet Dry Vacuums to Alternatives

When deciding on the right cleaning solution for your home, it’s important to compare all of the available options and figure out which one is best suited for you. By understanding both positive and negative sides of each type of cleaner mentioned here, you can make an informed choice about what works better at keeping ceramic tile floors spotless – ultimately resulting in having pristine tiles around your house!

In this section, we'll analyze Bissell Wet Dry Vacuums in contrast with conventional mops and vacuums as well as competitor wet dry vacuums so that making a good decision becomes easier.

Traditional Mops and Vacuums

The Bissell Wet Dry Vacuums allow you to vacuum and mop in one easy step, instead of two separate processes with traditional tools such as wet dry vacuums or regular mops. This offers a quicker cleaning experience while still achieving the same level of thoroughness that comes with traditional methods. On top of this, these devices are more powerful than standard wet-dry models since they contain both aspects – making sure your floors get an immaculate finish!

Competitor Wet Dry Vacs

When choosing among Wet Dry Vacs, such as the Shark VacMop and Tineco iFloor3, it’s critical to weigh things like power, usability and cost. The Bissell Crosswave multi surface cleaner is our test’s top performer in terms of cleaning proficiency and presentation. So if you want a clean home that stands out from competitors, this could be your best bet! Plus with its added bonuses: unrivaled product support plus easy access to spare parts – these extra advantages make the decision even easier for those opting for a Bissell wet dry vac.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Occasionally, even the best cleaning tools may face troubles and this is true for Bissell Wet Dry Vacs. This guide will walk you through solving frequent problems that users experience with these devices, like issues related to suction power, dispensing of washing solutions and brush roll malfunctions.

By knowing how to fix each one of those hurdles effectively, your wet dry vac can maintain an outstanding level of cleanliness in no time! You'll be able to keep your floors looking spotless while also helping your wet dry vacuum maintain its exceptional cleaning performance capability due to correct maintenance practices.

Suction Problems

To ensure you get the best possible results while cleaning with your Bissell Wet Dry Vac, check that its air path (hose and filters) are free of any blockages. Also, make sure you empty out the dirty water tank so that suction power is not impacted.

Cleaning Solution Dispensing Issues

If your Bissell Wet Dry Vac is not releasing the cleaning solution as it should, there are a few steps you can take to remedy this. First of all, check for any obstructions in the dispenser and make sure that the clean water tank has been properly filled up and installed inside correctly. If that doesn’t work, try priming it by pressing down on the spray trigger button for about 10-15 seconds. This will guarantee consistent quality results every time with both wet and dry surfaces being cleaned effectively using only one machine - your trusty Bissel Wet Dry Vac!

Brush Roll Malfunctions

Troubleshoot any brush roll malfunctions to ensure that your Bissell Wet Dry Vac continues its exemplary cleaning performance. Grasp the tab of the brush roll and remove it from the vacuum’s body, then check for visible signs of damage or wear. A thorough rinse with warm water may also prove effective if needed. If replacing is necessary, install a new one so you can keep getting brilliant results on all surfaces during each clean-up session.


The Bissell Wet Dry Vac is a perfect device that combines the benefits of both a vacuum and a mop into one product. The efficiency, power, and versatility makes it ideal for cleaning an array of surfaces in your home. This blog post provides instructions on how to make use of its features to effectively clean up any messes including pet hair with excellent results. By investing in this wet dry vac unit, you are able to have an all-in-one tool that will revolutionize your normal routine while making sure floors stay spotless at all times.

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