Tips For Keeping A Clean Home With Multiple Cats

Tips For Keeping A Clean Home With Multiple Cats

Breaking The Stereotypes 

There is a large misconception about pet owners that have cats in their homes do not have the nicest homes. Just because you have a furry four-legged feline friend does not sentence your house to be the stereotypical smelly unkept house. Multi cat households can be difficult to maintain; but, with these simple tips you, as an owner, are guaranteed to keep a clean house and be a great forever home.

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1. Get Your Cats Spayed & Neutered

Being a pet owner of multiple cats can be extremely rewarding. Your cats all get to have one another around them so that they are able to have companions at all times. You no longer have to feel bad for putting in long hours at the office because now your cat has other feline friends to keep them company. One of the most important tips however is to be sure to get your cats spayed or neutered.

2. Create An Enriching Environment

The second tip for being a multi cat owner is to provide lots of toys and distractions. As a multi cat owner you have the ability to provide them with great daily enrichment. Adding a scratching posts to your pets environment can give them mental stimulation, physical exercise, and let them all get out their natural cat behavior.

  • Provide enough posts for each cat to scratch in their own space
  • Provide enough different toys for each cat to choose what they wish
  • More toys to play with eliminates possibly fights 

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3. Choose The Right Type of Flooring

The third tip for multiple cat owners is to chose your flooring wisely. Experts recommend eliminating carpet options in your home and sticking to hardwood or laminate flooring. Carpet allows odors to cling and remain in your home. However, with the hardwood or laminate flooring options, the odor is more easily controlled.

  •  Eliminate carpeting in homes
  • Stick to hardwood or laminate flooring
  • Hard flooring maximizes odor control 

4. Have Multiple Litter Box Options 

Providing separate litter boxes is crucial to the success of housing multiple cats in one home. Specialists recommend having one box per cat so that they are not competing for bathroom spaces. Plus this allows each cat to claim their own spots throughout the home. This eliminates yet another issue that could potentially lead to fights.

  • Provide separate cat litter boxes throughout the home
  • Recommend one box per cat
  • Eliminates possibility for fighting and or aggression 

5. Purchase A Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

One of the biggest tips for having multiple cats is to purchase a top of the line robot vacuum cleaner. The Neato Botvac D7 Connected is a great choice because of its high performance abilities. The vacuum is able to capture up to 99 percent of allergens and dust mites keeping your house ultra clean from pet hairs with every new cat addition. The robot vacuum is able to be programmed with zone cleaning to target particular areas that have extra cat hair.

  • Ensures your home will be cleaned and free of cat hair build up
  • Allows you to spend more time with your cats instead of vacuuming 

Having multiple cats is not to be taken lightly. It can be a very challenging task but the rewards outweigh the hard work involved. Being able to take care of multiple cats and provide them with the best home possible will offer daily rewards and happiness for you.

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