Tips For Living In A Small Apartment

Tips For Living In A Small Apartment

Everyone dreads living in tiny homes with inadequate floor space. The thought of dwelling in a tiny apartment where your movement will be limited and everything is all cramped up can be scary. However, if you are facing the prospects of living in a small apartment, there's no need to worry since this article has you covered. It provides you with the top five tips for living in a small apartment.

The first step to take before setting foot in a tiny apartment is to change your mindset. Approach your small apartment joyfully and with open arms. Doing so will equip your mind with some of the ways you can use to spruce the tiny spaces and make them a haven to live in. You should see your transition to a tinier space as a challenge rather than as an impending nightmare.

Below are Some of the Tips for Living in a Small Apartment

1.Remove the closet doors

Unknown to most people, closet doors tend to take up considerable floor space especially if they swing into a room. Removing the closet doors will play a critical role in creating an open layout. In retrospect, you can hang a simple curtain to hide the inside of your closet.

2.Get rid of all the items you do not need

Such items may include old furniture, worn out clothes and that outdated microwave you received as a gift during your graduation. You can replace the old microwave with an oven that has a multipurpose stove. Doing so will free up more space while at the same time giving you more convenience.

3.Switch from an upright vacuum to a robot vacuum

with the advent of technology, significant strides have been made in robotics; with some made that can do a superb job cleaning your tiny apartment. Most importantly, robot vacuums can cover more square feet faster and mop your house in under an hour. However, if you have high pile carpeting in your apartment, you need to be careful. Many vacuums will get stuck on this type of carpet so a robot vacuum may not be best, read more about vacuums for high pile carpets that will fit well in a small apartment.

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4.Embrace storage solutions such as containers for things you don't use

Even better, you can free up more space by using the underside of your bed as a storage space. The underside of the bed can act as the perfect place to store those items that you use infrequently. Such items may include extra duvets or blankets, winter clothes, and hiking equipment. It may also act as the perfect storage place for that guitar you only use twice a year.

5.Use mirrors to create the illusion of added space

Mirrors can act as the perfect remedy for your tiny apartment. Mirrors on the wall feel like extra square feet have been added to your tiny dwelling.


It is an open secret that living in tiny apartments scares the hell out of most people. However, you should never be scared of living in tiny homes since the tips mentioned above will assist in making your space more inviting and comfortable. It doesn't matter how small a house is; all you need to do is use the available space wisely.

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