How To Keep Carpeted Stairs Clean

How To Keep Carpeted Stairs Clean

If you live in a house that has several levels, then you have probably noticed that it doesn't take long before carpeted stairs get dingy and dirty. This is because stairs are a high traffic area, but you can keep carpeted stairs clean with a little effort. Follow our suggestions below to learn how to keep carpeted stairs clean. You will need a few things: a scrub brush, vacuum, carpet shampoo, a stiff brush, and absorbent towels. Now let's get started. 

Remove Ground in Dirt 

Before vacuuming, you should remove any ground in dirt and debris that is deep in the carpet. Use a stiff brush to loosen and sweep dirt from the carpeted stairs. Start at the top of the staircase, that way the dirt and debris get to the bottom of the stairs.

Vacuum the Stairs 

Use a vacuum to remove any of the left-over loosened dirt. The easiest way to do this is to use a vacuum made for stairs. If you don’t have one, any vacuum can do the job, but it will be harder to vacuum the stairs with a large, cumbersome vacuum that you have to balance as you work your way down the stairs. If you want to make this part easy on yourself purchasing a cordless ultralight vacuum cleaner is a good investment. The cordless ultralight vacuum is lightweight and easy to handle. It is also battery powered, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a long cord as you vacuum the stairs. 

Shampoo the Stairs 

Large carpet cleaners aren’t made for cleaning stairs. The best way to clean the stairs is with a bucket, carpet shampoo, and a scrub brush. This method is time-consuming and labor intensive, but it is worth the effort.

Help Dry the Stairs 

Once you have shampooed the carpeted stairs take absorbent towels and remove as much excess water and carpet shampoo for the carpet. You want to remove as much water as you can to avoid mold and mildew. If you want to make this part easy for yourself, you can rent a portable wet dry vacuum to eliminate as much moisture from the carpet as possible. A wet-dry vacuum will save you time and make this part easy.

Wait For The Stairs To Dry Overnight

After drying the stairs and removing as much moisture as you can the stairs will still be somewhat wet. Let the stairs dry over time. It might take several hours for the stairs to dry. A quick tip to avoid walking on the carpeted stairs before they dry completely is to schedule the stairs cleaning later in the evening and letting the stairs dry overnight. This way the stairs will dry while you sleep and you won’t have to worry about walking continuously on wet carpeted stairs.

Vacuum Again

Once the carpeted stairs are completely dry, give them a good vacuum. Start at the top of the staircase. Your stairs should look nice and clean. Vacuum the stairs regularly to keep them looking clean and avoid getting dirt and debris ground into the carpet fibers. Remember that carpeted stairs are a high traffic area and the more people walk up and down the stairs increase the chance of dirt and debris making the carpet look dirty and dingy. So vacuum carpeted stairs frequently. This is the best way how to keep carpeted stairs clean.

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