How To Keep Carpets Clean With Pets

How to keep carpets clean with pets

Keeping your carpets clean, especially if you have pets, can be a very difficult thing to do. The shedding hair, muddy paws, accidental bladder leaks, and drool can leave your carpets looking dirty. We all love our pets but keeping your house free of pet dander can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. Carpets are the most comfortable flooring for families with pets so you may not want to tile your home or install hardwood floors. Getting new carpets or having your carpets professionally cleaned can cost a lot of money. Even if you vacuum regularly pet hair can pile up in every crevice of your home and the pet odor can make your house smell like your cats and dogs. If you are looking to keep your carpet clean there are a few things you can do.

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Groom Your Pets

This may seem obvious, but the first step to ensuring that pet hair, dander, and general "ick" stay out of your carpets is to ensure that your pets are well groomed. For long haired dogs and cats, be sure to brush them at least every other day. If your pet sheds during certain months, you may want to brush more often than that. Do some research into how often you should bathe your pet. If you give them baths on a regular schedule, this can help prevent excess hair from making its way to your carpet in the first place.

Invest In A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You may want to consider purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner that can clean your house on a daily basis. These vacuum cleaners can clean your rug and carpet areas very thoroughly. They can run multiple times a day when you are at work or when you are home. All you have to do is push a button and the vacuum will run itself. Vacuuming your home regularly helps ensure that your pet’s hair does not pile up on your carpets and rugs and leave your home with pet odor. Robot vacuum cleaners are a perfect option for people with kids and pets. These can save you a lot of time but can also help keep your house clean and smelling fresh.

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Get A Vacuum Designed For Pet Hair

Another option for how to keep carpet clean with pets is to purchase a special vacuum cleaner that is specifically made for removing pet hair. These heavy duty vacuums dig deep into your carpets to remove any pet hair and pet stains. While a robot vacuum can be good for taking the edge off, you're still going to need to go in with a quality upright vacuum every so often. These pet hair removal vacuum cleaners have rotating brushes that push into your carpets and separate the fibers to pick up even the smallest amounts of debris and hair. Normal vacuum cleaners will pick up normal amounts of dirt and crumbs from your home, but they are not able to dig deep into your carpets to remove pet hair that piles up over time.

Rather than hiring to have you carpets professionally cleaned you can do the work on your own. You may need to use spray cleaners to clean up the inevitable pet stains that are caused by bladder leaks or drool. By purchasing either a robot vacuum cleaner or a special vacuum designed to clean pet hair you can keep your home clean and smelling fresh. Vacuuming regularly and purchasing a vacuum that can dig deep into your carpets will keep your carpets looking new and your house smelling pet free.

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