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bObsweep vs. bObsweep

The debate between iRobot and bObsweep vacuums has been a long-standing conversation. In 2018, we analyzed these two vacuums to establish which was superior considering a number of aspects. We determined that despite the outstanding, distinctive features of both vacuums, the iRobot 900 series was the better option.

Since 2018, both companies have released new models with better capabilities and performance. Following this development, we once again test and give a comprehensive review of the new models: bObsweep Plus and j7+ iRobot Roomba, to establish whether the difference between the models will change our previous conclusion. Here is a complete comparison review of the j7 series iRobot Roomba vs. Bobsweep Plus.







13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6

13.8 x 13.8 x 3.9

HEPA Filter

Full Bin Indicator

Anti-Tangle Brushes

Spot Cleaning

Vacuum + Mop 

Bin Size

600 mL

100 mL

Price Range




Key Similarities & Differences of bObsweep vs. Roomba

  • Both the j7 plus and bObsweep Pet Plus have obstacle avoidance technology which involves a network of sensors that allows them to avoid bumping into furniture, stairs, and restricted areas.
  • Both new models have auto charging capability. The bObsweep Plus goes back to its charging station when the capacity is 15%. Similarly, the j7 plus returns to its CleanBase docking station when its battery is low.
  • Both new models allow users to schedule a cleaning session. For the bObsweep Plus, this is done through remote control, while the j7 Plus' Clean While I'm Away feature on the iRobot Home or Genius app uses the user's phone's location to determine when the user leaves home so it can start cleaning.
  • Both the j7 Plus and Bobsweep Plus weigh the same pounds, 7.5 pounds which is lighter than previous versions of both models.

    Here are some more details:

j7 Plus

  • The j7 Plus only vacuums the house
  • This new model is relatively expensive than other models
  • The j7 Plus has a self-emptying capability and can store up to 60 rounds of debris.

bObsweep Plus

  • Similar to other models, bObsweep Plus vacuums and mops the home.
  • The brand is less identifiable and relatively cheap.
  • The bObsweep Plus has an 1100 milliliter dustbin capability which is generally larger than other models

Setup Process

Similar to older models, both vacuum cleaners require minor setup before usage. They both require charging and setting up necessary settings as needed.

j7 Plus

The setup for the j7 Plus requires minimal effort as it is fully automated. These models are generally received at half charge; therefore, the first step is to charge it fully. Once it charges, press the Clean button on the robot, and it will automatically start cleaning as it maps your home. Alternatively, you could run a special mapping training to allow it to quickly map the home. You can use Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on your robot.

You can also use the iRobot Genius Home app launched in 2020 to set up Clean Zones, schedule cleaning sessions, and configure the robot to meet your specific needs.

bObsweep Plus

The bObsweep, however, requires you to install the side brush using a screw and a screwdriver. Once the side brush is installed, the next step is to fully charge the robot for proper functionality. You can then sync up the robot and the remote control. Once this is done, you can now let the robot start cleaning.

Roomba Setup

For the Roomba, you simply have to remove the robot from the box, set up the charging area and let it charge overnight. While the bObsweep is by no means difficult to set up, the Roomba is just a bit simpler. You don't need any tools to get your Roomba up and running.

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Design Comparison

Despite various changes in performance and capability of both models, the newer models are still designed in a circular motion with brushes and buttons. Here is a more detailed explanation of the designs.

j7 Plus Roomba

The j7 Plus Roomba is sleeker in design and has a smaller cleaning base to fit under furniture. The new model also has a built-in compartment for extra storage bags. The light camera facing the front side of the robot allows it to detect obstacles, including solid pet waste.

j7 Plus Roomba has proven this capability in numerous tests. This is made possible through the iRobot's Pets Owner Official Promise (POOP) technology.

At the base, the j7 Plus has a small navigational wheel that allows it to make 369° turns and two larger wheels that facilitate navigation through different floor types. Its dimensions are 13.3"x 13.3"x 3.4" inches and weighs 7.5 pounds.

bObsweep Plus

The bObsweep Plus has an extra-long main brush and a side brush that spins to pick up dirt and bits. Unlike other models, the bObsweep Plus has four times boosted suction power. It also has a three-layer filter which includes a UV-C light that destroys pathogens and other harmful particles. Its dimensions are 13.8x 13.8x 3.8" inches and weighs 7.5 pounds.

Performance Comparison

All other features can make a robot vacuum attractive however it all comes down to performance. Its performance capability determines whether the robot cleaner is worth the money or just a fancy gadget. With further advancements in technology, these newer robot vacuum models have stepped up their performance to fulfill the users’ needs.
Here is a rundown of the performance comparison of the j7 Plus Roomba and bObsweep Plus based on different surfaces.

Performance on wood:

j7 Plus Roomba: Similar to its predecessor models, the j7 Plus Roomba rises to the challenge. On hardwood floors, it picks up 93% of the sand on the floor and 96.4% of all debris.

bObsweep Plus:
Equipped with its 4x suction power, the Bobsweep Plus leaves the floors almost spotless performing at 96%.

Performance on Carpet:

j7 Plus Roomba: On carpets, the j7 Plus removes 90.7% of total debris, leaving bits of sugar, kitty litter, and other mixed-in debris. This performance is similar to other previous versions.

bObsweep Plus:
Despite its 11-inch brush, the bObsweep Plus left bits of sugar and other smaller debris on the carpet. This new model, however, performed better than its previous versions at 91% overall performance on carpet.

Performance on Tile:

j7 Plus Roomba: The model performed significantly better on tile than other surfaces. It was able to pick up most of the debris.

bObsweep Plus:
Similarly to the j7 Plus Roomba, the bObsweep Plus performed better on a tile. It cleaned the majority of the waste.

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Features Comparison

Brushes - bObsweep Plus contains an 11-inch central rotating brush that brushes up the dirt and debris before being sucked into the dustbin. The side brush spins to clean edges and corners. The j7 Plus Roomba contains two rubber brush rolls that prevent hair tangles. The anti-tangle feature is the main difference between the two models.

Docking station- The j7 Plus Roomba docking station charges and empties itself. It contains two dust disposal bags, one on the right for active use and one on the left for storage. The bObsweep Plus also enables auto charging in its station; however, it does not empty itself.

Maintenance - Every robot vacuum requires maintenance once in a while to ensure maximum functionality. The estimated frequency replacement for the bObsweep HEPA filters and spinning brush is six months. Its battery and rolling brush may require replacement after two years. The estimated annual cost may be 112 dollars which is relatively high and definitely a drawback for the model.

Controls - j7 Plus Roomba offers complete control through the iRobot Genius Home app. It can also pair with Google Assistant and Alexa. The bObsweep Plus uses a remote control to turn on the UV mode, start a cleaning cycle, charge the device, clean corners, and adjust speed.

Pros/Cons Comparison

j7 Plus Roomba pros

j7 Plus Roomba


Excellent obstacle avoidance: The model uses PrecisionVision technology to avoid obstacles and other objects. It uses its front-facing visible light camera and visual and audio sensors to identify and avoid obstacles and solid pet waste.

Easy connectivity: The j7 Plus uses Wi-Fi to connect to Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows you to command your robot by voice. It also connects to your phone through Wi-Fi which makes it easier to schedule cleaning, map floors, and set up other configurations through the iRobot Genius Home app.

Membership plan:
Launched in October 2021, the iRobot select membership plan allows users to pay 99 dollars for the j7 Plus Roomba and a monthly payment of 29 dollars. This plan was introduced to allow users who cannot pay the hefty total amount to comfortably pay for their j7 Plus as they continue using it.


Expensive: The j7 Plus Roomba costs about 700 dollars which is higher than most robot vacuum cleaners. Despite its expensive price tag, the j7 Plus Roomba lives up to expectations and is definitely worth the extra amount.

No mopping:
With all its cool features, the j7 Plus is still just a vacuum cleaner. It does not allow for mopping, which the bObsweep Plus does.



Obstacle sensors: Similar to the j7 Plus Roomba, the bObsweep Plus also operates sensors that allow it to detect obstacles and other objects. However, unlike the j7 Plus Roomba, it fails to identify solid pet waste and occasionally makes a mess.

Impressive cleaning:
bObsweep Plus performs relatively better than most models and additionally cleans beyond what the eye can see using its UV-C light.


Remote control: The bObsweep Plus is operated using a remote control. Without internet connectivity, this model falls behind the j7 Plus.

The bObsweep Plus is larger than other versions at 13.8" inches in diameter and 3.9" inches tall. Its large state may cause it to get stuck, which may lead to a few scratches on the unit.

The verdict: j7 Plus Roomba vs. Bobsweep Plus

According to our findings, it is safe to say that once again, Roomba wins with its newest model, j7 Plus. Its solid pet waste avoidance technology definitely sets a high standard for all robot vacuums as it resolves the leading issue faced by pet owners who use robot vacuums

Now it's your turn!

Let us know what you think about our review. Comment below which robot vacuum you think is better and as always, let us know if you think we missed anything.

Happy cleaning!

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