Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Robot Vacuum cleaners are the new popular electronic of the 21st century. The idea of simplicity, ease, functionality, and lets face it, time saving is what is currently going mainstream. Most people would rather pay for a grocery delivery service than go shopping themselves. This is no different with cleaning the house. Why break your back to vacuum the hardwood floors or rugs when a robot vacuum can do it for you?

What are Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

A robotic vacuum cleaner, also known as robovac, is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner with intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system. There is both remote control and self-drive modes which allows you to either run the machine yourself or allow the machine to clean autonomously with no human control. Some designs have spinning brushes whereas others include a number of other special features like mopping and sterilization. An option to manage the robot vacuum cleaners from your cell phone is wi fi connectivity to link it through your smart phone.

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Models and Prices

The prices of the vacuums vary from your typical hand held vacuums. There are over a dozen of manufacturers of robotic vacuums, popular models include iRobot's Roomba series, which is commonly known, this model cost anywhere from $250-$600. ITouchless Automatic Intelligent Robotic Vacuum costs $250 and Neato Robotics' Vacuum Cleaning Robot cost $400. These are just to name a few of the more popular models out right now. There are vacuums with HEPA filter, and these are upright vacuums that prevent allergens from spreading through the air. Perfect for those who live in high pollen areas or climates.

How are they tested?

The vacuums are testing in labs and in actual homes by the manufacturer. They keep the following categories in mind: battery life, navigation, setup, suction and if it supports bluetooth and/or wifi in an application experience. The purpose is to not have to babysit your vacuum. This is an added value experience so each vacuum is tested to make sure it is doing the job described.

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Lastly, Are Robot Vacuums Worth it?

This question is up to you, it is definitely an investment, as the price is typically (not always) higher than a traditional vacuum. One of the main pros of the vacuum is saving you time. Anywhere from minutes to hours, depending on the size of your home, every week. As mentioned earlier, people would rather pay for something to be done then do it themselves.

That is obvious and almost reason enough to splurge. Another qualified reason is they are just as effective as powerful regular vacuums, so you aren't skipping corners by going this route. Some bots are so interactive they can even create personalized floor plans that map out exactly where it needs to navigate to clean the house efficiently. The prices are also becoming a lot more affordable then when it first came on the market. So, all in all, you have to consider what you prioritize when making the decision to go robovac.

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