Womow W9 Stick Vacuum Review

Womow Vacuum Cleaner

If you're in the market for a low cost, but high performing cordless vacuum cleaner, you've probably come across the Womow W9.

It is one of the cheapest options in its class, but its online reviews are great, which led us to wonder just how good is this little guy.

We got our hands on the Womow W9 and took the better part of a week putting it through the wringer. Let dig into the details!

What's In The Box?

In the box Womow W9 Vacuum

With the package we got, you get the main unit, a wand, a few attachments, a battery, and a charger. No real frills here, but you have everything you need to clean.

Features of the Womow W9 Vacuum Cleaner

Here's what you need to know about this affordable little vacuum cleaner.

Ultralight & Cordless

One of the most apparent features of this vacuum is the ultralight, cordless design. This makes it incredibly versatile and easy to take anywhere. You can use it on your floors, ceilings, in your car, and its even strong enough for high-debris areas like a pet bed.

Powered Upholstery Attachment

One big surprise out of the box with this vacuum cleaner was that it comes with a self-powered upholstery cleaning head. You just plug it into the main unit and you have yourself a handheld mini-vacuum that is just as effective at bringing up dirt and hair as the full-size version. This was super useful for vacuuming out the seats of my car. It pulled up dirt and hair very easily.

Battery Life

One downside of this vacuum is the battery life. You have two power modes, regular and max power. We found that on the regular setting, you have to work harder to get the vacuum to pick up debris. However, on this setting, you get a hefty 35 minutes of run time.

The max setting is where we found this vacuum was most effective. It was able to pull up dirt and hair like models 3x its price, but the battery only lasts around 15 minutes at this level.

It's a give and take. If you need to clean larger areas, you'll want to stick to the regular setting and just take your time. If you want to breeze through a smaller area, the max setting is great but just be prepared to get everything done in around 15 minutes. 

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There are definitely more pros than cons of this vacuum. For its price, this is a steal. Here are some of the things we really liked about the Womow W9 stick vacuum.

  • Excellent suction power output on max setting
  • Battery powered upholstery cleaner
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy to use -- we didn't even need to touch the instructions
  • Attachments pop on and off easily


No product is perfect, and for a vacuum cleaner coming in at under $200, there's going to be some downfalls. Here are some of the things we didn't like about the Womow W9 stick vacuum

  • Short battery life
  • Regular power setting isn't strong enough for most jobs

Closing thoughts

When it comes to entry level stick vacuum cleaners, the Womow W9 should be one you strongly consider. Let it be known that this vacuum won't replace your traditional upright vacuum, but it is great to have around for quick cleanups and jobs where not being tethered by a cable is necessary. 

We found this vacuum most useful for cleaning cars and high areas like ceiling corners and fans. 

Are you considering purchasing the Womow W9? Let us know in the comments section below!

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