Living Clutter Free With Kids

Living Clutter Free With Kids

You can get clutter free with kids when you use a plan for your home, your storage, and your children’s personal items. The steps that are listed below will help you organize your home, save money, and keep the house clean. You might have many things to put in your home that are essential for living, but you need to move them about in a way that does not cause clutter. Each step in the process will transform your home.

1. Buy Storage Containers

You need to use storage containers to save money for yourself and your kids. The storage containers that you have purchased should have airtight lids, and there are many sizes that you can choose from. You could use the storage containers for clothes, toys, and personal items that are important to you even though your kids no longer use them. You must continue to buy these containers because they can be stored in every closet, slid under every bed, and closed tight for years at a time.

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2. Use The Closet

You need to use your closet, hang your clothes, and keep extra hangers around for new clothes. Hanging your clothes and keeping them organized is something that you need to take very seriously. There are many people who will use their closet just for clothes, but they do not do this in an organized fashion. Because they are not organized, they cannot find anything they need. The closet will pile up with things that are difficult to sift through, and you cannot move those clothes easily when needed. Organize old clothes by size so that you can give away kids clothes that are too small. Hang up clothes in size order, and remove the smallest clothes when you realize your kids cannot really wear them anymore.

3. Storage Furniture

You should use storage furniture that allows you to use the furniture for its given function while also storing things inside. You can store magazines in the side table by your living room chair. Put a trunk at the foot of your bed, buy an ottoman that you can open and close for storage, and even put storage baskets on the lower level of your coffee table. Storage furniture allows you to tuck away all the things you kids might leave lying around.

4. Teach The Kids What To Do

You need to teach the kids what to do when they are organizing their own room. Kids who are organized and plan their storage can keep their room clean most of the time. Plus, most of the things that they have in the room will go in their closet or a storage container that you bought for them. You are teaching your kid to be organized for the future.


You can be clutter free with kids, but you need to be sure that you have chosen an appropriate storage container, set of hangers, and made a plan for everyone in the house. Even your kids can play along.

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