How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors

How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors

If you are wondering How to clean laminate wood floors, there are a number of different ways that you can achieve this. You need to start with a swept floor which you can achieve by sweeping with a dust mop or by sweeping them with a traditional broom. It is important to keep dirt and debris off of your floors so that they do not have the chance to scratch the surface of your wood laminate. Even small particles can damage your floors so be sure to sweep them regularly. You can also use a vacuum that has a bare floor setting to remove any dirt and dust from your floors but just be sure that you use the brush attachment which won't scratch the floor. You should also sweep in the same direction as the floorboards so that you get all of the debris and dirt that gets trapped in all the grooves and cracks.

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Steam Mop and Wet Mopping

Once you get your floors clean, you can do more of a deep clean with a laminate floor cleaner and a damp mop. Laminate can be easily damaged if you use harsh chemicals or cleaners and even by certain buffers, polishers, or a steam cleaner. All you need to get sparkling, clean laminate wood floors is a simple steam mop and a little effort. It is always ideal to keep up with your cleaning schedule so that dirt and debris do not have the chance to build up.

Choose the Right Cleaner for Your Laminate Flooring

 If you are unsure what is a safe cleaner to use on your floor, you can always use vinegar or a mild detergent, and you will not risk damaging your floors. You can usually read the label of any cleaners at the store to see what it is intended for as well. It should say that it is safe for cleaning laminate flooring.

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How to Properly Mop

When mopping your floors, you should always use water that is warm or as hot as you can stand it because it will help to lift dirt out of your laminate. You should squeeze out any access water up that your mop is not sopping wet but just damp. If your floors are very dirty, you may wish to mop them once more to make sure that you get them nice and clean. You want to try to avoid walking on your freshly mopped floor until it has the chance to dry. A mixture of vinegar and water is a great solution for getting out tough stains, and it is safe for your laminate floors.

Extend the Life of Your Laminate Flooring

 If you take the time to care for your floors properly, it doesn't take much effort, and they will last for a very long time. They will also look great, and you will be able to enjoy them.

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