Hardwood vs. Linoleum Flooring

Hardwood vs. Linoleum Flooring

Do You Need A New Floor?

You've been living in your house for a really long time and you notice that your floors just aren't like they used to be. Don't you just hate how the material is cracking and snags on your feet? And we know that you are tired of telling the dog that the floor is not a pop-up toy. Bad floors can ruin the overall home feeling experience for you and your visitors. Well, the good thing is that you can change the way that they look and eventually change the way that you feel about your home! In this article, you will gain helpful knowledge about two of the most commonly used flooring materials: wood and Linoleum.

Wood or Linoleum, Its time to Choose

We get it. Your home is your space and you want it to be a reflexion of you. Well, these two flooring options are very different. Wooden and linoleum flooring have many benefits that most people look for in vinyl or laminate flooring. Making the right choice with one of them can definitely satisfy all of your flooring needs. You have to consider lots of different aspects when deciding which one of the two is right for you. Your floor preference can come from both physical and internal influences. It is important not to overlook any of these reasons. So, start with one of the best laminate flooring options. 




Overall Durability

Very durable, but vulnerable to moisture and cannot be cleaned with a wet mop.

Very durable, more durable overall than wood, but is vulnerable to tears when moving heavy items across it.

Water Resistance

Not water resistant

Water resistant

Pet/Kid Friendly

Yes, but kids should be careful with spills, and pet nails should be trimmed to prevent scratches

Yes, great for kids and pets


A timeless sophisticated look

Visually cheaper looking than hardwood, but has a similar aesthetic.


$4-$10/Square foot + $5-$8/Square foot installation

$2.50-$3.50/Square foot + $3-$5/Square foot installation


Up to 100 years

Up to 40 years

A Closer Look At Wood

Wood is a really good flooring choice for anyone. It can especially be a good choice for people who seek to add unique and artistic tones into their atmosphere. Wood is derived from trees. Trees are some of the oldest resources on planet earth that can hold lots of heritage and age to your home. Wood has many benefits that should be considered when choosing your flooring plan.

Wood Will Always Be In Style

Wood is very versatile and can easily fit into many themes and genres. The in-home decor of wood can decorate your room to have the presence of a prestigious university library or a 5-star rating daycare. Wood is an all-natural element that has swirls and swivels that can be interpreted or brought to life. You and your children can have a blast telling stories with the natural designs that may resemble shapes or even faces.

You can choose from a variety of different colors and shades that can make your floor picture perfect. Some of the most glamorous floors are wooden with perfectly detailed turns and toils that resemble flowers and patterns.

The Long-Lived Wooden Lifespan

Wooden floors are also very durable. They can last for very long amounts of time and resist some of the toughest forces of manipulation. Most wooden floors are estimated to last up to 100 years. That is an extremely long time compared to other floor choices. Just think of it like this, trees can basically last forever. Having a wooden floor is like having laid out trees under your feet in your house!

Of course, this means that just like trees, your floor has to watch out these following things. 

  • Fire- Fire will ruin your floor. It can never be revived exactly the same once it is burned.
  • Water- Water can cause your floor to rot and mildew. This can become hazardous to your health.
  • Pets- Pets love scratching and ruining wood.

Is Wood Hard To Maintain?

Wooden floors should be swept and dusted often so that they do not store harmful particles that can cause trouble. Wood should also be polished if you would like to keep a shiny appearance. You can use a microfibre mop to clean your floor without causing it to rot or mildew. You should also sweep every day to avoid build-up and other imperfections. You will also need to use a vacuum made for use on bare floors at least once per month to prevent dirt buildup.

The Janka Hardness Test

You can even take a scientific approach to the amount of strength that you would like to have with your choice of woof. The Janka hardness test is a test that uses a steel ball to determine the amount of force that is needed to penetrate the wood halfway into a sample. Do not worry. Unless you are buying directly from lumberjacks, you probably will not have to complete a Janka hardness test. The Janks hardness test measurements are usually available if you ask your vendor. You can definitely benefit from having background knowledge about the different wood species so that you will not be conned or lied to in the process. For example, Brazilian walnut and Cherry Brazilian are some of the hardest wood species measuring at 3,684 lbf on the Janka hardness test while African Pearwood is a little softer species that measures at 3,680 lbf on the Janka hardness test. 

Bugs are also something that you should consider. This is an ugly topic that most of us like to avoid thinking about when it comes to our homes, but they are a reality. Do not worry. The hardest woods will nip that bug in the bud because they can be bug resistant due to their hard densities. You can also get help from your local pest control to help prevent your home from being eaten. 

Are Wooden Floors Allergy-Friendly?

Wood is an irritant that can store allergy-inducing particles and invade the lungs to later cause the body to develop conditions that interfere with breathing and sometimes overall health. Thankfully, most of the woods that are used for flooring material is researched and compared to its competitors like linoleum and vinyl flooring. Lots of wooden floors are also made into laminate surfaces that are designed to respond to allergy-causing organisms and substances in a preventative manner. But, wood is wood. If you have any specific allergies and health problems then you should talk to a professional. It is critical that you gain insight into the best wood, linoleum, or vinyl flooring that is best for you. Different types of woods are proven to show correspondence with specific health problems. Here is a list of woods and their health problems o

  • Amboyna- asthma
  • Bosse- Headaches
  • Cedar Red-Nervous System Effects
  • Ebony- Conjuctivitis
  • Limba- Nose Bleeds
  • Silky Oak- eye inflammation

Are Wooden Floors Expensive?

Fortunately, the price of wooden floors can fluctuate according to the species and installation preference. The average cost of wooden floors is about $15 per square foot or less. Wooden floors can be fairly easy to install. There are various amounts of crews and workers that can easily learn or has experience with installing wood into homes. Your price range can vary tremendously if you choose wisely and always keep your budget as a consideration.

A Closer Look Into Linoleum

Linoleum is also a great flooring choice that can leave you happy with the final results. Linoleum is so wonderful because it is also natural and has qualities that make it better than vinyl flooring materials. Unlike like Vinyl flooring, a linoleum floor is not plastics and can still provide the wonderful advantages that vinyl flooring can bring. The benefits of this wonderful flooring option can provide a smooth finish that is shiny as plastic but as environmentally friendly as wood.

Linoleum Can Fit Your Look

Linoleum is a very versatile flooring material that does not have any sharp edges or permanent patterns that can dictate its appearance. This means that your Linoleum floor can have the pattern of your choice! You can truly use your floor as a form of decoration that compliments the theme of your home or even stands out to be the center of your decorations. 

A Linoleum floor can be made into the most industrialized pattern of square blocks or a complete replica of wood and stones while because natural, unlike vinyl flooring. This is truly one of the most artistic flooring options that can allow you to let your imagination run free when deciding on this new aspect of your home's appearance. 

How Durable is Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is in fact very durable like vinyl flooring and is less complicating than other choices. Linoleum flooring is expected to last as long as 40 years! This is due to the fact that it can start to disintegrate over time. This is because linoleum floors are primarily made of natural resources. This means that linoleum is composed of resources like flaxseed, solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork dust and more. Most people like how vinyl flooring is a basic sheet with the desired pattern of floor choice, well, a linoleum floor can give you the same benefit. This means that whether your floor's life span is expired or you just want to change it beforehand. You can do all of this without the major hassles and without harsh labor requirements. 

Linoleum is also one of the best alternatives to vinyl flooring materials because it is also water-resistant. Linoleum floors are constructed in a way that makes it impenetrable to water and easily cleaned. This makes linoleum one of the best options for rooms that contain a lot of water use like kitchens and bathrooms. You can easily wipe or mop water up and avoid early wear and tear. 

Is Linoleum Easy to Clean And Maintain?

Linoleum is indeed very easy to maintain. As we mentioned earlier, linoleum is a very water-resistant material. Unlike wooden floors, water will not cause your natural linoleum to rot or mildew. This means that your home could also be safer. Leaks and other common forms of property maintenance issues can be prolonged and not stressed as much. 

It is suggested that you sweep your linoleum floor once a day and mop regularly. Mopping is a great maintenance advantage that Linoleum flooring has over wooden floors. The ability to mob is actually an advantage that influences people to invest in vinyl flooring but thankfully linoleum can still be used as a greener option that gives them the mop friendly characteristic. Linoleum floors should also be stripped, waxed, and polished to maintain luster and smoothness. There are also more convenient forms of linoleum available that is pre-finished. This means that the need to polish and strip your floors would be eliminated. 

Is Linoleum Flooring Expensive?

Some people may prefer to use vinyl flooring over other options because it is cheaper per square foot. Vinyl flooring can cost anywhere between $2 and $5. This is a good price range that linoleum, fortunately, can compare to! Their price ranges are almost exactly the same! They can vary according to quality and location.

Is Linoleum Flooring Allergy-Friendly?

Linoleum floors are definitely allergy-friendly. Just like vinyl flooring, this material does not store dust and pollen that can not be cleaned. You can easily sweep or mop these unwanted particles off of your floors. This means that during the winter and spring your house will be one of the most comfortable places to you and friends who suffer from allergy problems. 

So, Its Time To Choose!

Now that you have all of this wonderful information, you can be more confident in choosing your flooring choice and making sure that your home fits all of your needs! Linoleum, wood, and vinyl flooring are some of the most popular choices for numerous amounts of reasons! Choose the right floor for you so that your home can feel right as well.

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