Our 3 Step Product Review Process

1. Research

Before we features any products, we research what other people are saying about them, whether the manufacturer has had issues or recalls, and the "buzz" about the product is consistent.

2. Review

Once we find a product we think is worth us trying out, we review that product in detail. We test its strengths, weaknesses and present them in a clear and thoughtful, unbiased manner. 

3. Recommend

After testing products in the same category for a "buyer's guide" style post, we will recommend the products that we feel are best suited for each situation. Not every product we test gets featured!

Featured Buyer's Guides

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When it comes to products for the home, there's one word that describes our team. Passionate. 

We strive to make this website a go-to source for anyone looking to add technology to their home. Our buyer's guides are designed to help guide readers through the process of picking out the best products. 

We don't take this lightly. We stand behind the products we feature. If you aren't satisfied with a product we recommend please let us know so we can update our review to include your input. 

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